the bespoke process

Daniel will spend time with you creating and designing your bespoke piece, he will encourage you to be part of the process to ensure everything is exactly as you imagine and designed for you.

Below is a step by step guide of how it usually works.

  • Step one: Bespoke request

    Either via call or email, Daniel will discuss your bespoke request, exchange ideas, and provide feedback and any additional information. 

    Once you have a clear idea in mind, Daniel will arrange an in-person consultation at his workshop showroom.

  • Step two: Initial consultation

    According to your specifications and requests, Daniel will show you a range of gemstones and ring samples for you to view, try on or just to get a feel of how the finished ring will look.

  • Step three: Design process

    Daniel will show you the elements of the piece and talk you through the characteristics of different precious metals and gems. 

    Once you are happy with the final design, he will start creating your bespoke piece.

  • Step four: Final details

    Before adding the final details, you will be updated on the process. 

    You can view the bespoke piece before the gems are secured to ensure it fits and that the design is how you imagined.

    Additionally, you can request photo updates or decide to create a personalised album, so your loved one can be part of the whole bespoke process.