Meet the maker

Daniel Greenberg

With over 24 years of experience, Daniel has been hand-crafting fine jewellery for unique commissions, bespoke projects and luxury boutiques. 

His journey began in 1998, when Daniel was just an apprentice at his father’s workshop on Hatton Garden.

Today, Daniel is an established jeweller with a wide client base. He is situated in the same area he that he began his journey into Goldsmithing and creating bespoke pieces.

'I take great joy and pride from the fact that I am surrounded by the same tools that my Father used and have created jewellery for over 60 years'

A family business

After school Daniel would hop on the tube from his school in Camden and find his way through the streets of Farringdon to go explore his father's workshop.

The highlights of those trips involved being allowed to stretch an old 2-pence coin in the rolling mills, melt some gold or just bash something with a hammer.

Eventually at the age of 18 and a brief stint as a landscape gardener, his father decided to offer him a two week trial to see if he was worthy of a 5-year jeweller’s apprenticeship within his company, and under his (sometimes strict) watchful command.

The rest is history.

After 24 years in the jewellery business, Daniel has specialised in creating one-off bespoke jewellery for private clients and high-end boutiques.

Every piece of jewellery is hand-made in the London workshop, using the highest quality materials and ethically sourced stones to Fairtrade metals.