lab grown diamonds

Lab grown diamonds are becoming increasingly popular in the jewellery world and for many clients that I deal with, especially over the last three years. They sparkle like natural diamonds and all importantly are just as hard as mined diamonds, they can also make a more ethical choice as I try to source them from suppliers that use renewable energy to create them.

These diamonds tend to be cheaper at around 30-40% lower in price, they always come fully certified with a unique number to trace their authenticity.

I personally, am a huge fan!

  • How are lab grown diamonds created?

    Lab grown diamonds go through exactly the same process as a natural diamond undergoes in nature, it is just reproduced in a laboratory.

    A diamond seed is placed in an environment containing carbon, the molecular component of diamonds, a huge amount of pressure is then applied at a very high temperature.

    Under a controlled environment, the diamond begins to grow, molecule by molecule, layer by layer, just as it would at a slower pace in nature.

  • How do lab grown diamonds differ?

    They don't. Lab grown diamonds can be cut and shaped just like natural diamonds.

    These diamonds cut out the mining process and the pressure on the environment, as well providing a more ethical answer to the demand for diamonds.

Understanding the science of lab grown diamonds

This short video from the Financial Times explains how perfect lab grown diamonds can be created over just a few days.