Bespoke Jewellery Emerald Engagement Ring set

Why Millennial Couples Choose Bespoke Engagement Rings

For decades, diamonds are considered as de rigueur. They are most often attached to engagement rings and a popular choice for wedding rings. However, millennials are embracing this tradition with a twist.

These young couples who are looking to tie the knot flock jewellers with their vision of the perfect engagement ring or wedding ring. Additionally, coloured stones like rubies and sapphires have become part of “in” choices for made-to-order rings that symbolize their commitment to each other.

Here are reasons why these young couples opt for bespoke jewellery.

A unique brand of the couple’s relationship

Often, couples have difficulty finding the perfect ring that appeals to them among the mass-produced displays in shops. So, they turn to jewellers to fashion a unique ring for them that tells their romantic story, which they can proudly share with family and friends.

The time and effort that they have poured into designing the ring also symbolise their commitment and patience, reminding the couple of the memories and love they have shared and will share with each other on their road to forever.

Bespoke Jewellery Emerald Engagement Ring set

Bespoke rings keep the couple on track with budget

The misconception that custom jewellery is expensive is not at all true. By doing ample research, setting a budget and narrowing down which stone to put could drastically cut costs than buying ready-made rings in jewellery stores. Moreover, if the budget has been set already, the jeweller can recommend options within the set budget to create a stunningly beautiful ring perfect for when the exchanged of “I Dos” and “Yes.”

Bespoke Jewellery garnet engagement ring


Bespoke ring matches the personality and style

There’s nothing better than a personal touch, especially with wedding or engagement rings. These young couples have a strong desire to create something that defines who they are, their personality or characteristic in a creative capacity. They want to be a part of the design process and call it their own because this piece of jewellery will be with them for a lifetime.

Diamonds are forever

However, this doesn’t mean that diamonds are no longer “in”. In fact, according to a 2016 report, millennials have spent around $26 billion in 4 key markets compared with the other generations, an inclusive of course of the lucrative wedding market.

It is only a matter of preference, whether to forgo the traditional three-stone look or solitaire and opt for a custom ring that conveys character and represents oneself.

Amethyst Bespoke Jewellery


Bespoke jewellers offer better advice

Unlike most assistants or sales representatives in jewellery shops who most often are not fully knowledgeable with their ready-made displays, custom jewellers have extensive knowledge in their field and can offer the best advice to create the ring of your dreams. Because of their refined skill set, the quality is ensured for the custom ring on your big day.

Regardless of what trends may dictate, the promise of forever is still between the man and woman, the husband and wife. Millennial couples have a strong desire to express individuality and uniqueness and share their story through their bespoke jewellery. Trends come and go, but the love, vows and road to forever the couple will share with each other will be theirs to keep.