Why Diamonds Are The Perfect Investment

Diamonds have always been valued for their undying beauty and elegance, but do they actually hold long-term value for an ordinary buyer? Are diamonds really worth investing for? Prized diamond investments often stand head and shoulders above the rest in terms of: clarity, colour, and carat weight. Diamond stones weighing between 5 to 20 carats, along with the rare coloured stone varieties have been able to hold their worth and value well over time because of their scarcity.

The worldwide monetary crisis in the year 2008, like any other, heavily influenced the diamond industry. Diamond costs considerably dropped during this time interval, yet they bounced swiftly to reach historic highs during the year 2010 to 2011. Costs have now levelled out, and consumer demand for diamond stones stayed high particularly in global markets which includes India, the USA, and China.


So why should we invest in diamond jewellery?
Diamond investment may be tricky, especially for the beginners. Minute variants in tint, colour, or quality may have a radical impact on market value. As with any investment worth making, any perceived threats are often outweighed by the possible benefits:

Diamond stones are a definite physical asset. A diamond is not likely to be damaged or broken, so long as they have been stored appropriately and ensured accurately; making it safer than fine wine, artwork, or property in a sense. They will almost certainly outlive the first buyer, making them a family asset (or a heirloom) that can be passed down from generation to generation.

Diamonds only require very little to no maintenance. Unlike most real estate investments, you won’t need to pay for the upkeeps and taxes of this material. Almost anyone can acquire and own a diamond jewellery, with no need for prior declaration nor certification. As long as you have the cash, you’re good to go.


People have always been mesmerized by the look and feel of diamond jewellery up until now, and the mere fact that more and more people are still opting for diamonds with their engagement rings shows that this trend isn’t slowing down. The price of diamonds is expected to continue rising due to the simple laws of supply and demand. With the increase of population eager to purchase diamond engagement ring and any other diamond jewellery for that matter, there aren’t any marketplace indications that their popularity will be lost in the not too distant future.

The act of investing in diamond jewellery can be viewed as a more secure option than more inconstant investments like shares and/or stocks. No matter what the economy is doing, diamonds are not likely to lose its worth. Diamond jewellery have long been the status symbol for the rich and famous group of people, and given with more regards particularly in times of economic downturn.


As with any other economical decision, diamond jewellery should not be warranted as an absolute risk-free investment, and yet the present market climate shows that diamonds may be the closest thing to a guaranteed type of investment. With the unwavering demand of the diamond engagement ring market, diamonds are an all but recession-proof choice for your investments.

Lastly, aside from all these factors worth considering, diamonds are stunningly gorgeous and represents many beautiful elements of nature itself. So ultimately, it is a worthy investment.