Why Choose Bespoke Diamond Jewellery

Purchasing diamonds, either as your personal jewellery of choice or as an investment option has always proved to be extremely valuable when you’re involved in the design process.

What’s more, looking for design references online has almost become second nature to most people looking to purchase engagement rings, and for couples choosing their wedding bands. Though sometimes, even after tirelessly browsing the web to find the perfect design you want to obtain, you just can’t find it. Or maybe you did, but upon visiting the online store or the brand on which they sell that specific jewellery, the price does not suit your budget.

vintage style bespoke diamond ring

With bespoke jewellery design, you have the freedom to present the design idea you have in mind, as well as the essential details that will significantly determine its price. This includes the cut, colour, clarity, shape, and the carat weight of the precious stones you want to incorporate into the design.

This method has been pretty popular for quite some time now, since people from all walks of life are given that sort luxury feature. After all, customised or bespoke jewellery pieces has the rep of being quite pricey. But in reality, if you have a say on the specifics of your jewellery, you also have the control of its price. It means you can lower the carat weight and go for a more significant shaped stone to make your jewellery look twice its price. Genius, right?

bezel diamond ring

So if you’re planning on buying a diamond jewellery as a gift and still don’t have any idea on what to get, a bespoke jeweller can give you loads of suggestions that will fit your price range. This ensures that you’re getting the most out of your budget money, as well as obtaining a jewellery piece that the receiver will surely love!