Why Buy From me


As an independent jeweller, I am able to give one-to-one service from start to finish ensuring you get exactly what you want.  I am able to design and create your piece of jewellery so you will not have to deal it a middleman.

Devoid of brand premiums, advertising budgets, West End rent and large staff counts,  your budget will stretch much further.    If you find a design in a store or online, I am able to create the same for a lot less of what you might expect to pay.


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Starting out as a teenager serving a five-year apprenticeship, I have been creating fine jewellery for over 20 years.  Learning from the best teacher I could ask for, my father patiently taught me the skills he had developed over 50 years and allowed me space to find my own style.


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I specialise in bespoke handmade fine jewellery, I do not use any mass produced ready-made mounts or computer generated moulds.  I hand pick diamonds and gemstones that I would be proud to give a friend or family member, upholding the highest quality I can get for each budget.  I use traditional methods with modern visions to deliver high-end pieces of fine jewellery.


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My workshop is nestled in what is London’s most famous jewellery district.  By appointment, you can visit the place where your bespoke jewellery will be made and see the tradition tools which have been creating fine jewellery for over 60 years.


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