White Gold Rings: How Pure Are They?

Yellow gold is the conventional or standard metal of choice for both engagement rings and wedding bands, but white gold is surely gaining popularity. The colour of white gold is actually rather similar to the colour of platinum, yet it is a more low-cost and affordable option.

Platinum is more rare, which also means it is more costly than white gold. For those people who loves gold but wants something lighter in colour, white gold is an ideal option. Even so, a lot of people are concerned that their white gold rings will not have the same value compared to yellow gold rings. So in order to break this myth, let us take some time to understand white gold.


How is it created
To create white gold ring, white metals such as silver, nickel, and palladium are utilized to form an alloy with the gold. Since 18k white gold has 75% gold and 14k white gold has 58.3% gold, both of these rings will naturally have a slightly yellowish tone. Also, the brilliant white lustre in white gold rings actually came from rhodium metal plating. Though rhodium plating is very durable, the plating may wear away over time and leave a yellowish tint. Still, 19k white gold is naturally white in colour so it does not require the rhodium plating.


Characteristics of white gold
As a precious metal, gold will not rust, tarnish, or corrode. These attributes, along with the value of gold due to its scarcity as a precious metal, allows gold to be a great choice for creating fine jewellery. Even so, pure 24k gold is quite soft in nature, so it must be blended with other metals to strengthen it.


The gold content in white gold engagement rings
White gold engagement rings contain the same amount of pure gold as their rose gold and yellow gold counterparts. It is of the essence to remember that all gold content is measured in terms of karats. The greater the karat, the higher the gold content, therefore, the higher the price. Though white gold rings only has a slight yellowish tone, an 18k white gold engagement and/or wedding ring still holds the same percent of gold as that of an 18k yellow gold engagement and/or wedding ring.

When choosing a ring, don’t forget that white gold engagement rings contain the same amount of pure gold as its other coloured counterparts. Since the gold content is the same, the choice between rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold engagement rings ultimately comes down to personal style and preference.