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What You Need to Know About Diamond Carat before Buying Custom Engagement Rings

Often, men go for the biggest diamond in their budget when they’re out shopping for custom engagement rings. Well, you’d initially think the bigger the sparkle, the better, right?

Well, hold your horses. This isn’t the case every time. Fortunately for you, this article highlights the ins and outs of diamond carat before you finalise your choices.

Here are the basics.

Bigger Is Not Always Better

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One case wherein in size isn’t always the best thing is diamond carat. Although a significantly large diamond on the ring seems a good idea, you need to ask a barrage of questions a bigger diamond than what you actually expect for your set budget.

Larger diamonds tend to have inclusions or blemishes in them. So ensure you ask about the stone’s clarity. These imperfections found in the stone could significantly lower its price and of course the diamond’s overall sparkle.

It Is Not What You Think

Unlike what many believe, diamond carat doesn’t refer to how large a diamond is in circumference or depth. Instead, carat refers to the measurement of how heavy the stone actually is.

So Which Diamond?

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So when visiting jewellery shops, make sure to ask about the carat of the particular centre stone for custom engagement rings. You need to clear the air whether the carat size is only for the main stone or for all the diamonds on the ring.

For example, if the jeweller indicated 3 carats for a ring with a central stone and 2 side stones, chances are you’re acquiring the main diamond with one and a half carat with .75 carats for the side stones, each.

Keep in mind that you need to clarify this with the jeweller since a 3-carat diamond ring will definitely cost more than stones with shared carat weight.

When Maximising the Budget

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In order to maximise the budget, opt for a diamond with the right cut instead of simply upgrading to a stone with a larger carat. Remember that regardless if the diamond you purchased has a large carat, its brilliance will be entirely dependent on the proper cut of the stone.

You can always ask the jeweller which cut would make a more affordable, yet smaller diamond appear larger and more brilliant.

Summing up


If you want the best diamond for your money, aim for a stone just below the half or full carat. Why? The prices for diamonds increase at the abovementioned marks.

For example, if you want a 3-carat diamond for the ideal custom engagement rings, then ask the jeweller 3 stones ranging from 2 ½ to 2 and ¾ carats. You will definitely get a stunning 3-carat diamond at a significantly lower price range.