What Will Be The Engagement Ring Trends Of 2019?

Picking an engagement ring already has so many options; do you go down the vintage route with a diamond which has its own story? Do you choose a stone that symbolising your partner’s birthstone or star sign? Or do you look to celebrities for the latest inspiration?

2018 saw trilogy rings, rose gold bands and oval-cut stones rise in popularity, and this look set to only increase in 2019.  The classic solitaire has, and will always be a favourite.  However, 2019 will also see the rise in non-traditional rings with alternative stone cuts as well as coloured stones, rough diamonds and salt and pepper diamonds.



Coloured stones are having their moment, bringing more personality to the ring and reflecting the owners too.  It creates a more unique ring which is what brides are looking more and more for.

As well as the well-known rubies, yellow diamonds, pink sapphires, blue sapphires and emeralds, there are many more non-traditional types of coloured gems.  salt and pepper, whisky, grey and black are the choices of the modern fashion-conscious bride-to-be.

If the bride still likes the centre stone to be a white diamond, then often an addition of a coloured halo is the way to add colour.  Either bright gems or subtle grey tones.



The halo setting is very popular in its traditional form – usually surrounding a round or oval-cut diamond.   There is also a call for a new slant on this, with halo settings surrounding the less traditional hexagonal or kite cut.  Half halo settings are on the increase, creating an elegant crown effect or sunrise effect.



Platinum has been the main choice of precious metal for most engagement rings, and a good choice it is.  Strong and less likely to scratch or discolour is why is it the favourite.  However, we are seeing a return of yellow and rose gold as the warmer choice and softens many designs.


2019 is an exciting time for engagement ring choice, new designs are emerging for the alternate bride, colours are being introduced that have never before been used and eco-friendly precious metals and stones are in high demand.   Imperfection is being enbraced by fashion brands and this is filtering down to jewellery and the desire for unique imperfect perfection.