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The Ultimate Guide: Choosing the Right Style & Size of Diamond Stud Earrings

Diamond studs are definitely one of the most desired accessories. However, they are also often viewed as a form of investment and a luxury item due to the high cost of diamond jewellery.

With so much style options for diamond stud earrings, it can be overwhelming to decide what level of diamond quality, which diamond shape, and which setting style will perfectly suit you or your loved one best.

So when it comes to purchasing fine jewellery that you will want to wear for a long time, it is necessary to educate yourself first before buying anything so you’ll feel confident in your decision. Here’s a quick guide to help you choose the right style and size of diamond stud earrings:

The Four Cs

There are four main criteria to know about when buying any type of diamond jewellery. These are commonly referred to as “The Four C’s” which stands for the diamond cut, carat, colour, and clarity.


The cut of a diamond shows how well it has been shaped. Diamonds are cut in various ways to enhance their beauty and brilliance. There are several styles of cuts, but they are merely styles and not a representation of the stone’s quality.


Now let’s talk about diamond carat. It’s basically the weight of the diamond, which tells you the size of the gemstone. You should also consider the size and carat weight of the diamond stud earrings if it complements your face shape.


The diamond colour we are referring to is different from coloured diamonds. Coloured diamonds have a variety of naturally occurring hues, like pink, yellow, black, or blue. But the colour of a diamond is a way of grading or ranking the whiteness of a white diamond stone. They are ranked from D (most colourless) to Z (most “yellow”).


The final element of The Four Cs is clarity. It measures the amount of blemishes (flaws outside the stone) and inclusions (flaws inside the stone) of a diamond. Blemishes and inclusions can make a diamond stone seem cloudy, thus, making it look less beautiful.

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The Diamond Shape

The shape of the diamond creates an enormous difference in the style of the earring, and it also changes how it will sparkle. Nevertheless, if you’re still not sure what style is right for you, just bear in mind that diamond shapes often fall into one of these categories:

Unique cuts: oval, marquise, pear
Vintage feel: asscher, cushion, emerald
Classic and most used: hearts and arrows, round, princess

The Setting

Once you’ve decided on your diamonds, you now have to pick the setting. There are two designs of setting to choose from: bezel and prong.

Each of these settings has their respective advantages. The bezel setting surrounds the diamond, showing only the top porting of the gemstone. This allows more protection from any wear and tear and decreases the risk of being dislodged.

On the other hand, the prong setting reveals more of the diamond stone. This allows more light into the diamond, enabling it to sparkle even more and make it look a bit bigger.

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Metal of Choice

You’ll now have to determine which metal you would like your setting to be made of. The most popular metal of choice for diamond studs are platinum and various types of gold. Platinum has the benefit of being extremely long-wearing, while gold is more versatile than platinum.

In the end, you should pick whatever you think you (or whoever you’re buying for) will appreciate the most. Diamond studs are all about enhancing your personal style while adding more sparkle to your everyday life.