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The Ultimate Diamond Jewellery Gift Guide

Diamonds are truly the perfect present for just about any major occasions. But even in the most random of days, why not gift your loved one/s with this precious item to show your love and appreciation to them? What better way to achieve that than by getting them a bespoke diamond jewellery that uniquely represents who they are.

Though, before purchasing a bespoke design, you may want to consider these important things first:

bespoke diamond earrings

The Style
Does she usually wear fashionable and colourful items or elegant and classic type? Does she have a passion for vintage necklaces and rings? Sometimes, it’s best to look and observe the jewellery she wears on a daily or routine basis, rather than unique items that barely leave her drawer.

The Taste
What do you know about the receiver’s jewellery preferences? Does she like wearing diamond jewellery on any particular occasions? Has she spoken admiringly about a certain diamond jewellery that she saw somewhere last time? Does she prefer classic simple designs, or the modern ones?

simple diamond bracelet

The Lifestyle
Does she appreciate pottery, sports, playing the piano or any other activities that could interfere with her wearing a diamond rings? Maybe the user is not allowed to wear diamond jewellery at work, due to some corporate policy. A lot of companies don’t allow showy jewellery items, but would be pleased to allow their staff to wear understated yet elegant diamond stud earrings.

The Metals
Should you go for white gold, platinum, silver, or yellow gold? Your choice will undoubtedly be affected not just from the price range, but by the personal preferences of the recipient as well. Here’s a tip: Platinum is a pretty popular item nowadays due to its strong features, but it’s also more expensive than most metals, whereas silver is more affordable but softer – and therefore, more susceptible to scratches.

bespoke diamond necklace

The Stones
Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but there are still a lot of exquisite gemstones, aside from diamond, that will look stunning as the centrepiece on a jewellery item. Rubies, emeralds, and sapphires are all popular choices for earrings, rings, and pendants. When combined with smaller diamonds, they can definitely create a stunning design. Bespoke artists can achieve the look you want by carefully designing and fusing different stones into the design, creating an elegant piece that your love one will surely love!

The Worth
You may certainly have at least a rough idea of how much you intend to spend on this diamond gift. It is perhaps also worth thinking of whether the receiver would feel comfortable wearing an expensive jewellery such as this, and whether a normal insurance policy would be enough cover the item.

bespoke diamond and pearl necklace

The Type
Depending on the event for which you are trying to find a present, a diamond ring may not be an obvious choice to give. For birthday presents or wedding anniversaries: diamond pendants, stud earrings, bracelets and even bangles can be considered than a diamond ring.

Bear these things in mind before deciding on which bespoke diamond item should you give to your loved one.