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The Perfect Gift For Any Occasion: Diamond Stud Earrings

Whether you are purchasing diamond stud earrings as a special gift for a loved one, as an investment piece, or to simply treat yourself; you’ll surely get a better deal if you take some time to do research before actually buying the jewellery.

The Four Cs
So, after researching some tips and advice, you should already be aware about the Four Cs of diamonds. Namely: Cut, Clarity, Colour, and of course the Carat Weight. All of these factors are extremely important in determining the value of diamonds. But you may have been curious about which of these actually matters most, particularly when referring to diamond stud earrings? The answer for that is Clarity.

diamond stud earring

The Clarity measures the number of external or internal flaws (or inclusions) that a diamond stone has. Flawless diamonds are more expensive and therefore very rare. Unless you intend to buy huge diamond studs and invite some family and even some of your pals to examine them up-close, the diamond’s clearness likely doesn’t matter that much.

In most cases, you would need the help of a magnifying glass to witness tiny inclusions within the diamond anyway. So it’s probably safe to say that none of your colleagues or friends will actually use a magnifying glass to study your earrings.

Although, when it comes to bespoke diamond design, you can always have the freedom of choosing the cut, colour, clarity, and the carat weight of your stud earrings. Which means you can help design your very jewellery. Now isn’t that exciting?

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Selecting the metal
Stud earrings usually come in the usual set of precious metal choices; we have Platinum, and both White and Yellow Gold. With bespoke jewellery, as mentioned earlier, you have the ability to incorporate your own preference when it comes to the metal design. If you’re purchasing diamond earrings as a gift to a loved one – you might want to think about what type of jewellery the recipient loves to wear. If the receiver prefers to wear Yellow Gold, it may be wise to acquire something similar when buying your gift.

Knowing your limits and budget
How can you determine if a bespoke diamond stud earring is really worth your money? Well, for starters, you helped design the layout of the jewellery so you know very well if the quality is great or not. Also, you get to decide the cut of the stone, may it be Princess cut or Round brilliant cut. Lastly, you chose which type of precious metal to go for.

So settle on the materials that can comfortably afford. Be realistic and know your limits. In the end, diamonds are diamonds; they will always looks beautiful.