The perfect Father’s Day gift – 17th July, 2018

Father’s Day is a time for honouring our Dads, celebrating the joys (and challenges) of fatherhood and the wonderful paternal bond.   The day first originated in 1910, when Sonora Smart Dodd wanted to honour her father, William Jackson Smart, a Civil War Veteran who raised six children after his wife died during childbirth.  Since then Father’s Day has spread to many countries and now see’s 72 million cards sent every year!

This year Father’s Day lands on Sunday 17th July and with under a week to go, it is time to get those last minute gifts.  Most Dad’s have everything and we are all guilty of getting the same presents year on year; gardening tools, golf clubs, a nice bottle of whisky…….sound familiar?  If you feel like getting something extra special for all those times your Father picked you up after a fall, gave that much-needed advice…..or that fifty quid you were short of,  then here are a few ideas that will say the perfect thank you.



Design your own cufflinks especially for your Dad.  The sky’s the limit in terms of creating a unique idea; got a place you both love,  a drink you both share, something that will instantly make your father think of you…..draw it up and let us make it a reality.   We have made cufflinks of favourite whisky bottles, the family pet, a landmark that has a personal meaning or initials of all the family members.




A tie-pin is worn on memorable occasions; weddings, special dinners, parties, graduations and naming days. On these days we take out our finery and what better than to always be a part of those days, whether you are there or not.  When you Father puts the finishing touches to his suit, you will be in his mind as he adds the tie-pin you gave to him.

Engraved signet ring

Personalising a piece of jewellery makes it extra sentimental, unique and totally bespoke to your relationship.  Try adding a date of birth, your first word, a nickname for you or your dad or a secret only you two know.  It will make him smile every time he sees those words.


Leather jewellery 

If you Father isn’t into the traditional jewellery, why not try a leather wristband.  A lovely way to make your dad feel loved and appreciated in a thoughtful day.

Money clip

A stylish slimline way to carry cash/cards – made in silver, gold or platinum – is the perfect way to thank your Father for all those times you borrowed a tenner.  Add a humorous or loving engraved note on the clip to make your dad smile whenever he sees it.

Whatever you get, big or small, spending time together is priceless.  A gift is a lovely addition to the day and a way to say ‘cheers Dad’!