The Diamond Care Guide

Diamonds are naturally precious, collecting sentimental value along the way, so it’s worth taking a few easy precautions to keep them looking as marvellous as the day they were given to you.

In spite being commonly known as one of the hardest substances on earth, diamonds are still a natural material and are not entirely imperishable. If you’re doing some heavy work or rigorous exercise, it is recommended that you remove your diamond ring or any precious jewellery for that matter.


The same is true when cleaning them up, heavy or harsh handling, especially using rough chemicals can potentially harm the stones. Not only will it expose your diamonds to harmful dirt, dust, and scrapes, but the setting (which basically holds the diamond in place) may be damaged causing trauma to or total loss of the stone. Also, some common household cleaners, particularly the ones containing bleach can lead to colour changes of the stone, making it look dull and cheap.

However cautious and meticulous you may be with your belongings, your jewellery will unavoidably collect dirt and residue from certain hairstyling products, hand lotion, and oils, which will lessen the sparkle of your diamond over time. The good news is that this issue can easily be remedied at home with very little effort and cost.


i.Soak your jewellery in warm water with a little amount of gentle household detergent (non-conditioning shampoo or washing up liquid)

ii.Once the warm water has dispersed the oils, gently scrub the jewellery with a soft brush (you can use an old, soft toothbrush if you prefer)

iii.Be sure to clean underneath the stone where dirt and oils gather

iv.Lastly, pat dry with a clean cloth and leave it to thoroughly air dry before wiping it softly with a lint-free cloth



With regards your rings, it is a wise idea to have it cleaned professionally for about once a year, as this ensures that all mountings and prongs are secured. It is also recommended to entrust your jewellery to a skilled expert, rather than to try and clean it yourself in any other way than using gentle soap and water as mentioned above.

When your not going to wear a certain jewellery, it is best to keep it in a jewellery box or any safe container. This is because the most common cause of dents and scrapes to any jewellery is unwanted contact with other pieces of jewellery.

If you would like to know more about how to appropriately clean your engagement ring, we do have a full guide that could help you along the way.