The Beauty Of Dazzling Diamond Pendants

Wearing a beautiful diamond pendant is sometimes more dramatic compared to wearing a diamond ring, and probably the most noticeable way of displaying your precious gemstones. Although a single or solitaire diamond could really be more costly compared to the sum of carats made up in smaller diamonds, but nothing can compare to the beauty of a stunning diamond pendant casually sitting on a lovely neck.

A diamond pendant is an excellent approach to celebrate any type of anniversary and just about any occasion, but you know what’s even better? A bespoke diamond pendant design.

As with all types of diamond jewellery, a lot of factors should be kept in mind when finding the right purchase. After all, diamond are not really that cheap. The most crucial aspect as far as diamond stones are concerned are the following:


The Carat – the size of the diamond stone
The Colour – graded alphabetically from D (being colourless) and onward
The Cut – the magnificence of the stone depending on which it reflects light
The Clarity – the size and number of any blemishes or flaws, and how ‘clear’ the diamond rock is

As with any fine jewellery, the setting is highly important as this is the most essential element of display for the stone. The chain might be of Gold or Platinum but should be made of high-quality material, and it should also complement rather than compete with the jewel itself. Evidently, a secure clasp is completely important as well.


The length of the chain is also crucial to the design. Careful observation should be paid not only to the stature and build of the wearer, but also the preferred styles of clothing, as well as the type of occasions on which the wearer would most likely wear the necklace. Of course, both taste and fashions may change over the years, but a classic diamond pendant won’t ever go out of style and is an actual investment piece.

Perhaps one of the many advantages of going for a diamond pendant than a ring, is the wider range of designs, shapes, and structures you can achieve that are not so often applicable on rings.

A beautiful diamond pendant is truly an item of elegance and beauty; a treasure that you could keep forever.