Rose Gold and Diamond: The Perfect Pair for Custom Engagement Rings

Although rose gold custom engagement rings date all the way back to ancient times, today, they are more popular than ever, so much so that jewellers report these pink-hued trendy rings as one of the highest-selling metal for rings. Well, they are here to stay!

This begs the question, what stirred the interest of would-be brides for rose gold rings? There are a number of contributing factors why would-be brides are clamouring to get their hands on this trendy, romantic metal.

One of which is that this pink-hued metal is a more subtle alternative for those who would prefer skipping the yellow gold or platinum engagement rings and opt for one with more colour. Additionally, rose gold complements just about any skin tone, and you can mix and match it with other metals.

custom engagement rings

But there’s a singular reason explaining why pink-hued engagement rings have gone from just a trendy metal to earning a near-classic status—they are the perfect pair for diamonds. Rose gold complements the fire and brilliance of these traditional stones.

For this reason, rose gold and diamond are the perfect pair for custom engagement rings.

custom engagement rings

Popular Rose Gold Settings

While these pink-hued metals are trending these days, there are specific settings that are real showstoppers.

Vintage style. These often involve filigree or hand-engraved detailing, adding a unique element to rose gold rings that help enhance their timeless and classic appeal.

Solitaire setting. Another setting where rose gold metal is ideal is the classic solitaire, for the same reason why it makes vintage style rings alluring.

Pave setting. Rose gold’s versatility also helps bring exceptional beauty to more modern style rings. The pave setting is a popular choice for this metal. Rose gold helps amplify the brilliant sparkle for diamonds.

Diamonds Shapes for Rose Gold Metal

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Trying to pick out which setting is ideal for your gemstone, the next step is choosing the best diamond shape that will be perfect for your rose gold ring. However, almost any diamond shape pairs well with rose gold since this particular metal pairs well with loose diamonds.

You are left with matching your style with the shape of the diamond. For example, classic solitaire is ideal for brilliant cut round diamonds, although princess cut and other square shapes would look just as good.

Meanwhile, vintage style rose gold rings would look great with Asscher cut diamond or a cushion cut diamond. These cuts help amplify the ring’s vintage appeal.

Summing up

Whether you prefer a vintage setting or modern one with a wide range of floral etching or a two-tone ring featuring a brilliant cut diamond, there are pink-hued custom engagement rings available for every style.