Popular Diamond Ring Designs For The Summer Season

Summer is coming fast, and with the events slowly filling up your schedule, you definitely want to be ready to conquer them all. So pack up your winter gloves because it’s time to showcase some stunning diamond pieces!

We’ve assembled some of the latest ring trends for the summer season. The style? Versatile pieces that can perfectly fit for dressing up or down, as well as for the daily job activities and after-work night outs. The key is to simply look fabulous. Browse through these stunning diamond rings that you’ll surely want to get:

The Glamorous Wedding Guest

The Glamorous Wedding Guest
You surely don’t want to outshine the bride on her big day, right? But as an important guest, you can also wear your own attention-getting diamond ring in an elegant and tasteful way.

A stunning ring with a beautiful colour or setting can definitely boost your outfit and over all look. If you want to go for a more modern statement, then go for an East-West ring with a fancy sleek cut such as Emerald or Marquise. Wear it together with an eternity band on your other hand so as to create a perfectly dressed-up look.

Amp Up Your Daily Sparkle

Amp Up Your Daily Sparkle
Exhibit your inner free spirit and embrace the trendy ‘boho’ look by simply stacking some dainty rings. Mix and matching metal types also makes it seem more adventurous, spontaneous, and fun! Stacking rings surely makes a personal style statement that can easily work for different type of events; from week-day work to weekend getaways.

saying yes

Saying The Perfect YES
If you want your engagement ring to attain the perfect balance between achieving the current trends, while still being a timeless and valuable piece of jewellery that you’ll be comfortable and proud to wear for the many years to come— then opt for a bespoke diamond engagement ring.

Recently, the engagement ring trends are becoming more and more diverse, symbolizing the broad range of styles of the modern-day brides. Solitaire pieces are still among the most popular pick, particularly when stacked together with eternity bands. The Halo designs are also quickly becoming one of the favourite choices because of their luxuriant look and crowning sparkle. Modern engagement rings with accents on the band and/or around the centre stone are also increasing in popularity.

Regardless of the event and season, bespoke diamond rings will forever be a timeless piece.