Jewellery Maintenance Service

Beautiful jewellery should be loved and enjoyed, not hidden away in a drawer or safe.   Wearing jewellery every day brings a lot of joy, however, it can also mean the piece gets its fair share of wear and tear.  Accidental knocks, daily domestic chemical exposure, hand creams and general grime can diminish the look of your jewellery.  This is especially noticeable on wedding and engagement rings as worn the most.  More importantly, knocks can potentially affect the setting and cause stones to work loose, worse case scenario meaning the loss of a stone.


Platinum engagement ring


I offer a yearly annual maintenance service (free of charge) for all the jewellery I make to ensure your piece is looking as good as the day it was made.  It also means I spot any potential loose stones or resize your ring if your finger has changed in size, so less chance of it slipping off or being uncomfortably tight.


Filomena 11


My jewellery maintenance service is by appointment only and I can polish or resize your ring while you wait.