Jewellery Insurance Replacement Service

It is a difficult time for anyone who has had lost of stolen jewellery and can be a stressful process to complete the insurer’s demands.  By using our Jewellery Insurance Replacement Service, I can assist in the process by expertly assessing your loss and provide a quote for your insurance company.


I have worked with many claim services and understand the requirements needed from the insurance company.  In order to help with your jewellery claim,  I can work with you to learn as much as possible about your jewellery, this can be over the phone, email or in person, and by sending me documents such as receipts, photographs or previous jewellery appraisals.


Once a clear picture has been ascertained, I will send the information directly to your insurance company.   Most insurers will approve the work and then deal directly with me, all you need to do is approve this with your insurer and they will arrange payment directly.  I will then be able to replicate almost any style from any photographs you may have or sketches we can create together.



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