Important Tips When Buying Diamond Ring

Deciding to give your partner an engagement ring is the first step in making a significant and joyous change in your life. It will probably be one of the most momentous purchases of your life too! That’s why getting the most out of your budget is really important.

Proper planning and research will allow you to present your beloved with the perfect ring you possibly didn’t believe you could afford. Below are some tips you could use in order to find that one ring that will make your partner’s heart flutter.

Setting a suitable budget range
It’s pretty easy to get carried away when you’re overwhelmed by emotions but it is always advisable for you to spend only what you can comfortably afford. Search for trustworthy finance options, as this may allow you to cop a better ring. You can even go for instalments as they can easily be paid without losing sight of your budget.


Veer off the jewellery stores
Jewellery stores, especially the big ones, have immense overheads. Managing stores is really costly and grand jewellery stores are often located in the most central parts of town.

Personal jewellers who has their own workshops and does bespoke jewellery designs, however, have better flexibility. It’s not cheap, but it certainly makes the most out of your budget. You get to be involved in the process of designing the ring, and choosing the cut, colour, and even the carat weight of the diamond stone you want to integrate into the design. Would you rather opt for a simple (and common) diamond ring design with a staggering price tag, or something exquisitely and exclusively made for a price that represents its worth?


Seek out upgrade policies
You might not have the capacity to afford a better ring right now, but you might wish to consider purchasing an upgrade for an anniversary, or upon the arrival of your first kid as your circumstances change throughout your life. Upgrading the ring when you’re already able to afford it is one of the sweetest approach of expressing your continuing love and commitment to your partner.

It doesn’t have to be new
Classic, antique, and second hand rings can also be very elegant and incredibly unique. Heirloom rings that has been passed down from generation to generation, or gifted from a close relative are also an extremely unique manner to comprise a classic loved piece right into a particular occasion. If you do have antique rings or family gems in mind, bespoke jewellers can craft your dream engagement ring based off that item. It may turn out to be the perfect blend of vintage and modern design.


What about the wedding ring
Traditionally, a wedding band follows after the engagement ring. Though there’s a contemporary trend of combining the two as a matching set, or acquiring the bridal set in one go. Some engagement ring designs would require that the wedding ring is cautiously chosen so they’d fit well together. Be sure to find a bespoke jeweller you can trust who will be able to discuss these things to you accordingly.

Let these tips help you find the perfect diamond ring that will change you, and your partner’s life forever!