Platinum and gold articulated earrings set with natural yellow diamonds

How To Wear Your Yellow Diamonds

Diamonds look elegant and regal in every way. They come in different sizes, shapes, and beautiful colours. In fact, one of the most popular diamond colour we see nowadays is the gorgeous yellow diamonds, as they seem to charm their way into everyone’s heart.

These canary-coloured stones are one of the biggest rising trends these past few years. Why? It’s because these yellow diamonds are a ray of sunshine; they’ll definitely look gorgeous and flattering when worn appropriately. Also, they tend to add a pop of colour to your outfit, no matter the occasion.

You know what’s even better that? Opting to have a bespoke jewellery using the exquisite yellow diamond. By doing so, you get to decide the cut, clarity, and even the carat weight of the stone. This gives you more control to the overall look and design of your jewellery, making it extra special and one of a kind.

Here are some ideas on how you can wear your very own bespoke yellow diamond jewellery, should you decide to get one:

1yellow diamond drop earrings

Upgrade a regular ponytail
Whether it’s a sleek high do or a loose low style, all girls love a great looking ponytail. Aside from that, we also love drop earrings! So why not put them together for a stunning combination. Remember, drop earrings don’t have to be reserved just for special occasions. The right pair can take an ordinary outfit from looking dull to striking. One important tip when you opt to wear a jewellery piece like this: keep your other jewellery simple to balance things out.

2canary yellow diamond necklace

Contrasting colours
Wearing black is the perfect illustration of a simple yet chic look. It transitions well from day work to evening night out and is very flattering on everyone. But it’s not the liveliest colour to wear, especially for summer and spring season. Brighten up your black outfight by adding in some yellow saturation. What better way to achieve that than by wearing a bright canary yellow pendant! Go for something simple yet classy, so it would still be appropriate for everyday work attire.

3yellow diamond ring

The right kind of sparkle
Yellow diamond pieces have a wide array of designs, especially when you go for a bespoke jewellery. The styles range from simple bands to luxurious multi-finger pieces. Sensational bespoke jewellery such as this can also be a unique engagement ring; however, if you’re not ready to tie the knot just yet, simply place it on your right hand as a trendy piece to wear for a special night out or to a glamorously formal event.

4yellow diamond bracelet

Go for a bracelet
A simple bracelet is every woman’s go-to for everyday wear; whether for day work, out to dinner with special someone or with friends, and even on specific occasion. Bracelets made with all white diamond stones are already gorgeous, but you can make your bracelet even more magnificent by choosing one that also has some yellow diamond stones.

Add some sparkle and colour to your everyday outfit with these yellow diamond jewellery!