How To Properly Clean Your Diamond Ring

Our customers often ask the proper way on how to clean their diamond rings. Of course, the main solution for that would be to take your ring to a good jeweller to have it cleaned, but it could also be done at the comfort of your own home too. Remember, even a little hand cream can build up and stop your stones from sparkling, so cleaning it up from time to time is essential.

It is also important to bear in mind that home cleaning is only suitable for a really well made and sound ring.


How to Clean The Ring
You should always treat your diamond ring with extreme care, not only when you’re cleaning it but when you’re wearing it as well.

Remember to take it off when you’re washing dishes or doing any household chores, and place it in a jewellery box to avoid getting damaged. Taking proper care of your ring will lessen its exposure to dirt, and decrease the possibility for the stone to become loose. Remember, a loose stone often lead to dirt seeping into the setting, which could increase the risk of the stone dropping out completely.

Before you begin, have a really good look at your ring. Check if the claws look really sound and that none of the stones are chipped or moving in their settings. If you notice any damages or any claws looking abnormally thin, it is important to take your ring straight to a good jeweller and not to try cleaning it at home for fear of completely loosing the stone if it is dislodged during the cleaning process.

Next, run a basin full of warm to hot water. Use a really soft bristled toothbrush (so that the bristles would not scratch the metal) and some drops of neat washing up liquid. Put a few drops of the washing up liquid straight onto the damp brush and gently brush in and around all of the stones. Then, rinse it in the water and repeat the process until you’re happy with the outcome. Lastly, dry the ring using a soft cloth or leave it to air dry.


Important note: Be sure not to apply too much pressure when brushing so that you won’t scratch the metal or push the stones too much; else, you’ll have them shift from their settings.

If there is any caked-on dirt or if you haven’t cleaned it for a really long time, it sometimes helps to soak the ring first (for about 20 minutes or so) in a bowl of warm water with a few drops of detergent before you start the whole process. Doing this will help loosen off all the nasty dirt.

Another thing that most people often say is that you can clean a diamond ring with toothpaste is definitely not a good idea. Its abrasive properties make it too rough for cleaning your treasured ring, as it could end up damaging the metal.

Cleaning your ring at home may sound convenient and practical, but if you’re not too confident about cleaning it yourself, or your ring is particularly valuable, or maybe the stone is at all loose: professional cleaning is the most appropriate option. The jeweller has all the skills and equipment needed to leave your ring sparkling clean. They will also check the ring to see if it needs repairing or if the stone is loose.

Having your diamond ring cleaned every six months and checked annually for any wear or damage is highly recommended. This will keep your precious ring in good condition and looking its best.