How To Make Your Diamond Ring Look Bigger

Most people are already aware that the weight or the size of a gemstone is not really the most important thing about the ring. However, when we see a huge diamond rock on somebody else’s finger, we still tend to stop and stare in its wonders.

People have always been mesmerized with diamonds for over a thousand of years. Remember though, a smaller, excellently cut diamond stone showing more brilliance can be worth so much more than a larger chunk of a dull diamond. That is why you should focus your attention more with the stone’s brilliance, over its weight and proportions alone.

But if you still want your diamond stone to look bigger even if it has a smaller carat weight, here’s our guide on how you can achieve just that:

Choosing the right band size
A slim band can be a neat approach to master more than one common ring point. Do you think you have large hands? Go for a slimmer band. Do you think you have plump fingers? Go for a slimmer band as well. Do you want to make your central diamond look larger? Once again, go for a slimmer band size. A slim band can focus the eye directly on the diamond stone (or stones), making them look larger than it really is.


The halo setting
So much like a mix of the cathedral and pave settings, the Halo setting encircles the middle stone with tiny gemstones, and the overall outcome is an even larger looking diamond. As a matter of fact, Halo diamond rings are actually getting really popular when it comes to engagement rings these days.


The cathedral setting
With this particular layout, the central stone is placed just above the band of the ring. The stone is being fused with the metal itself, thus, it ultimately adds height and making the diamond look bigger and wider too.


The pave setting
In this diamond setting, we have not one diamond placed on the band, but a cluster of smaller diamonds that were closely set to look stunningly ethereal. The pave setting makes it difficult to differentiate an individual stone with another, allowing a fabulous effect that looks rather extraordinary. The more complex the pave is, the bigger demand for professional skill, especially when dealing with larger bands. This setting can be quite expensive than the other ones.


The oval shape
An elongated, oval or pear shaped diamond stone often looks larger than the equivalent carats in round or square shaped stones. This is perhaps the most definite way of enhancing your gem size. Oval shaped diamond stones are also likely to be less costly due to its fewer demand in today’s market.

Finally, the most important thing is to opt for a certain type of band (size and metal type) and diamond stone that you will really fall in love with, no matter the size or shape.