How To Choose The Right Engagement Ring For Your Loved One

So you’ve finally decided to ask the question that will ultimately change your lives. To do that, of course you will need a ring; one that will surely have an impact. The problem is, could there be any way you could purchase an engagement ring without your partner finding out about it? Here are some advice on how to choose the perfect ring for the love of your life, without them knowing about it.

There is nothing more exciting than asking your partner to spend the rest of your lives together. Preparing to pop the question at the perfect place and time without spoiling the surprise though, now that can be a bit of a nightmare, especially if you’re already living together. After all, picking out THE ring without them knowing is the most common method of choice when it comes to proposing, but it can really be tricky.

So we’ve listed some things that might help you along the way:


Know what your partner likes
The first step in selecting a ring that your partner will surely love is to look at the kind of jewellery they already wear, and be observant on what rings they like to look at when you’re out together.

The cut of a diamond ultimately determines its value. A great cut gives a diamond its splendour, which is that luminance that seems to come from the very heart of a diamond itself.

With a poorly cut diamond, the light flows out through the sides and gets dispersed, making it look uninspiring and drab. However, a well-cut diamond stone can have a superior sparkle even in diamonds of a less than perfect grade of colour and clarity. Therefore, look out for diamonds with a Very Good or an Ideal cut.

Go get some help
Most men find it intimidating to choose the ring that their partner will love. If you can’t rely on the discretion of your partner’s colleagues or friends, maybe you ask your mother, your partner’s mother, your sister or maybe even one of your own trusted female colleagues or friends who would be happy to swear complete confidentiality and help you determine the perfect ring.

Of course, it’s absolutely okay to go looking for suitable diamond engagement rings online, so long as you delete your browser history later if you’re using your own PC or laptop at home.


You should get the right size
Selecting an accurate ring size for your partner can be a real challenge. If you are able to get one of the existing rings that your partner has, the jeweller will definitely be able to give you the most precise size. If not, ask your partner’s sister, mother, or one of her friends if they know her finger size. They may be able to get that information out by casually switching rings with her.

The packaging
After you’ve selected THE RING, it is already a must for you to be very careful on hiding it away from any preying eyes. If you decide to order the ring online, make sure that the company you select will have a special package system. For example, make sure that your purchase will be packed securely in an exquisite gift box. After that, it should then be placed into a protective outer box or a much larger cardboard box for safety purposes. There should be no markings on the outside of the box that could identify the contents, nor the company name, for total discretion.

We hope that these tips will somehow help you pick out the perfect engagement ring that your partner would love. Let us now if you have any more suggestions!