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Handmade vs Cast Engagement Ring Comparison

Handmade jewellery refers to a professional bench jeweller, along with an expert polisher and a skilled gemstone setter, collaborating to create a piece of fine jewellery.

To put it simply, the bench jeweller forms the jewellery piece by melting down precious metals and moulding it into whatever shape needed, or by “carving” a small strip of metal. After that, the gemstone setter sets the stones, and the polisher polishes the jewellery piece. Meanwhile, with a cast ring, a stone setter is still required, but the pre-polishing of the ring can be performed at the factory.

To know more about the difference between the two, here are some things you should consider:

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The Benefits of Cast Engagement Rings:
– There is less metal wastage, particularly when there are channel set diamonds.
– It is relatively cheaper than handmade rings, which may allow you to get larger gemstones.
– Casting produces the same ring design every time, unlike a handmade ring which is personally made by a jeweller. This means the ring you see online or in a brochure will look precisely the same.
– Advanced casting techniques are less porous than the previous procedure, which means that cast rings are now stronger. Moreover, the designer who made the cast ring can make immediate modifications with a mere click of a mouse.

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The Benefits of Handmade Engagement Rings:
– Substantially stronger than cast rings.
– You will be getting a unique ring design.
– It’s easy to make alterations during the production process, such as a lower setting or narrower band.
Custom handmade rings can be made quickly, compared to sending orders to a casting factory which may be located in another city or work on a specific timetable.
– The designs are not limited, so you can combine different metals and include elaborate details.

There is usually a significant price difference between a cast piece and a handmade ring setting, but a unique creation from a custom jeweller is well worth the cost in most cases. Either way, recognising the production process your engagement ring is going to undergo is vital. After all, you’re basically investing your hard-earned money.

Upon searching for engagement rings in various jewellery stores, you should insist on examining and touching the jewellery up close with a loupe. Some rings may have flaws and defects that may be tricky to detect from afar but will become visible up close. You’ll know that you’re in the right place when the sales associate can elaborate the process in detail from start to finish.

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Which Method Should You Choose
If you want to get an affordable ring that is relatively durable and looks precisely like the one you found in a brochure or catalogue, then opt for a cast ring. However, If you like the idea of having an engagement ring that has a unique design, will last for generations, and you don’t mind spending an extra amount of money—then handmade ring design is the perfect way to go!