Engraving Ideas For Engagement And Wedding Rings

Every wedding ring is as incomparable as the couple who wears it, but for many, the element of an engraving helps to increase the uniqueness of it and also serves as a personal symbol of their love. Obtainable for both wedding and engagement rings, engravings are a popular and significant way of making your jewellery customised.


The engraving on the ring
Most commonly located on the inside of a ring to create the sense of a “secret message”, integrating an engraving is a great way for couples to give a bit more character to their wedding band. Meaningful lines, shared inside jokes, or secret pet names are the common choices to be placed on this concealed part of the ring, but it shouldn’t have to be limited at that. Choosing the perfect font also helps make the message much more personal, though it should be noted that excessively ornate fonts may prove unreadable.

It is also possible for the engravings to be situated on the outside of the ring if this is the way you want it. Foreign scripts such as Arabic and Chinese can look especially admirable on outer surface engravings, although you should research the accurate translations of the characters if you are not too familiar with language you selected.


Engraving ideas for engagement rings
Usually, engagement rings are also engraved with a personal message. The engravings on these rings are more commonly known for its significant messages that marks the cherished memory of the proposal. These inscriptions also allow the proposing partner the chance to incorporate a surprise message for their beloved.

Popular messages include:
– The date of the proposal
– The phrase “She said yes!”
– The date of their anniversary
– Initials of the bride and the groom
– A personal ‘hidden’ message from the proposing partner


Engraving ideas for wedding rings
Wedding ring inscriptions usually come in twos, and these inscribed messages is commonly related to one another, such as the bride’s message being a continuation of the groom’s. The bride’s nickname might also be worn by the groom (and vice versa), allowing the couple to somewhat carry a piece of their loved one with them everywhere they go.

Most popular designs include:
– Psalms
– Nicknames
– Lyrics or poetry
– The phrase “I do”
– The date of the wedding
– Partner’s name or initials
– Witty phrase such as “Put me back on!”
– Favourite quotes (split across both rings)
– The date when their relationship started
– Single word synonyms such as “Forever”/ “Always”

If you could choose, which of these examples would you want to be engraved on your engagement and/or wedding ring? Let us know!