Determining The Right Diamond Carat Size To Buy

Before anything else, you first have to determine your budget. Your main concern should be about what you and your partner are comfortable to spend. You may wish to look into an inexpensive finance alternative, allowing you to easily disperse the cost of your ring over a set period of time to somehow ease the financial load. This method may also help you to upgrade your ring in terms of what you would like to purchase, matched with what you can actually afford when paying in installment.

Determining on a certain carat size is basically about hitting the balance between quality and size. If your partner prefers a larger sized jewellery, but you can only work within a modest price range, you can still find a bigger diamond of superior quality by cautiously selecting better value combinations of clarity and colour grades.


The best way to determine which diamond size would perfectly suit your partner would be to learn what size she’s anticipating. If she has never told you about this certain thing, then consider speaking to some of her family members or her friends as they might probably know the answer.

The edge thickness or girdle is also essential and has an immediate impact on the spread of the diamond stone. If a certain diamond has a really thin girdle, the stone can also have a better spread, but it may be more prone to damages. Moderately thick girdles are the safest choice, because thicker girdles can certainly add extra weight and/or reduce the spread.

Should you want a larger size diamond on your chosen carat weight, seek out a diamond stone that has a thin girdle. See to it that the girdle is thin; not Very Thin or Extremely Thin, as these can be chipped or cleaved when setting in jewellery.


The weights of diamond stones vary, we have 1/2ct, 3/4ct, 1ct, 1.5ct, 2ct, and so one and so forth. The ‘Under-sizes’ are the kinds of diamonds that weigh just beneath the aforementioned weights. Should you want a bargain version of 1ct diamond, why not go for a 0.95cts instead compared to a 1 ct stone of the same proportions. Most jewellers wouldn’t be able to tell the difference anyway and you could actually save for up to 30% of the price.

Due to these variables, there is now a shortage of under-sizes in today’s market as diamond cutters consistently aim to reach within the standard weight. That’s the beauty of opting for a bespoke diamond jewellery because you can always choose the cut, carat weight, size, design, and the colour of your precious gemstone. You and the designer will have a one-on-one talk about the specifics of the design, as well your preferred price range, so you would be able to get the most out of everything.

Finally, the best advice we can give you is to go for the best and never settle for anything less than what you deserve. Opt for a bespoke diamond design!