Determining A Diamond’s Cut

The elegance of diamond stones come from their glorious sparkle, which can only be attained by the painstaking handling of an expertly proficient craftsman. After all, a valuable stone that does not shine bright is hardly worthy of such a name, right? So, what makes a diamond stone sparkle?

Truth is, it’s the cut which determines how the stone reflects light, and therefore exudes a truly brilliant shine. Optimal levels of brilliance and sparkle can only be achieved through a seamlessly executed cut.

The Prices and Preference
Initially, a skilled cutter selects the form and cut of each diamond stone based on its raw, untouched state. The cutter’s duty is to conserve the stone’s carat weight while attaining a stunning sparkle out of that raw diamond. Even with the help of the most advanced equipment available in today’s age, mastering the perfect cut isn’t a simple task, that’s why diamond jewellery vary in terms of worth and quality.

To make it clearer, even two diamond stones of the same carat, colour, shape, and clarity may have a huge price deviation due to their respective cut. Stones with more sparkle usually means it has more worth. Though some people care more about the size and weight of the stone rather than its high-quality cut, so it really narrows down to the price range of the buyer and their design preference.

Here’s a quick list of the commonly used diamond cuts to help you make up your mind on which cut to go for when buying your bespoke jewellery (their capacity to reflect light and execute a brilliant sparkle being represented in a percentage value):


The Round Cut: It has a 100% capability to bring out its true shine, though in reality, no diamond stone is faultlessly perfect. This type of cut is commonly preferred in most engagement ring designs.


The Oval and/or Pear cut: This seek to resemble the same sparkle and brilliance created by a diamond with a round cut, but with an added effect of looking larger due to its size. It’s sparkle is around 90%.


The Heart cut: This offers about 80% sparkle, creating a specific statement piece where this high level of brilliance is genuinely critical.


The princess cut: A specific cut that provides just about 70% of sparkle and its big crown can create a visual aspect of a greater size diamond stone.


The Cushion cut: Diamonds with this cut only renders 60% of shine. It supplies a unique light pattern because of the combined round and straight edges of the stone.


The emerald cut: Only 60% of sparkle is given by this type of diamonds; their unusual type of sparkle also attracts a lot of buyers these days.


The baguette cut: It only offers around 45% of shine and is nearly identical to that of an emerald cut, but without the rounded edges.

In the end, determining the best diamond cut you can comfortably afford is still the wisest way of making the most out of your money.