Creating Your Bespoke Diamond Ring

A lot of couples these days tend to have wider options and more opportunities to get creative and imaginative with their engagement or wedding rings, which usually involves stunning diamond stones. With that being said, why not limit yourself with the readily available design options you can see on most boutique stores and upscale jewellery stores  when you can help design your very own?

But first, here are some of the essential things you need to know when making a bespoke diamond ring:


To start off, most marriages now involve two rings. This means it’s a more collaborative event compared to the engagement ring, so you will want to collectively talk about budget and style so as to compromise on a certain design that works best for the both of you.

Next, the metal of choice when it comes to wedding rings is indeed more significant than in the event of choosing an engagement ring. Men’s wedding rings are unlikely to contain rocks that are huge like the ones normally present in engagement rings, therefore the metal will play a more dominant function. Colours and costs would be the primary determinants when it comes to white metal; White Gold and Platinum are increasingly becoming popular than Yellow gold.

Should you opt for white metal, Platinum is the toughest and most enduring but also the priciest to purchase. In case you actually don’t like the whole look of it, you can actually arrange for a mix of metal design.

In the event that you’re seeking to choose a diamond wedding ring, you probably don’t want it to compete with your engagement ring. Most couples who pick diamond wedding rings go for ones that are inlaid rather than mounted. These will be modest rocks whose size is likely to be partially regulated by the width of your rings, which will in turn vary upon your own personal taste as well as the size of your fingers.


Inlaid stones are also less vulnerable to certain damages (like the ones you get from everyday wears and tears) and the whole structure is more robust, which is really important in a ring that you may never want to take off. The cut, shape and number of rocks is an issue of private choice. The prince range for bespoke diamond rings are exceptionally big and you’d be well advised to look at as numerous options as you can before you decide.

You may even consider doing a lot of research via the web, in case you run out of ideas. In the end, it doesn’t hurt to possess lots of style choices.

Finally, bear in mind that you will be designing the rings that will commemorate your union of vows and celebration of love. While price details and design options are extremely important, styling your engagement or wedding ring should ultimately be about the thing that matters most: your treasured memories.

Let us know what bespoke idea you have in mind!