bespoke jewellery emerald engagement ring

Colourful Engagement Ring Gemstones That Will Make You Forget Diamond

We all love the classic sparkle of a clear diamond engagement ring, especially if it’s set on a bespoke jewellery. However, diamonds are not the only option available in the market. There’s a growing demand for coloured gemstones, especially for modern brides-to-be.

Thanks to A-listers such as Reese Witherspoon, Halle Berry, Blake Lively and even Kate Middleton, coloured gemstones are making their moment, casting aside the bright clear diamonds that we all know and love.

By choosing coloured gemstones, you’re saving a few bucks and also your bride-to-be will highly appreciate a truly unique engagement ring. Whether you’re planning to incorporate her birthstone or favourite colour, a coloured gemstone ensures your engagement ring stands out. This also an amazing opportunity to actually make the special occasion even more sentimental.

So when you’re looking for the perfect engagement ring, how about trying some of the following colourful gemstones.


Make your bride feel like Beyonce on her special day with this elegant bright yellow ring. The classic cushion cut yellow diamond in a halo ring setting looks enormous surrounded by a row of white diamonds. Your bride-to-be will be feeling flawless.

bespoke jewellery lemonade engagement ring

Into the Deep Blue

Gemstones such as emeralds, sapphires and rubies are giving white diamonds a run for their money. However, just because you want to add colour to your engagement ring doesn’t mean you can’t add a personal touch.

High-quality gemstones such as this exquisite deep blue tanzanite show their best when set in a platinum or gold bespoke jewellery. A well-designed ring setting helps enhance the exceptional qualities of this gemstone.

bespoke jewellery blue engagement ring

Pop Some Champagne

Champagne is not only for drinking, but also it could function as an eye candy on your bride-to-be’s finger too! Check out the modern and vintage feel of this 18ct rose gold pink engagement ring.

The surrounding intense champagne colours make the 1.00-carat GIA-certified VS1 clarity round brilliant-cut centre diamond pop out. It’s a distinctive and beautiful choice. What’s not to love?

bespoke jewellery rose gold engagement ring

Powerful Green

Did you know that emerald symbolises new beginnings and love? It is the perfect stone for when you say “I do”. The chic and elegant look of this stunning green-coloured stone is emphasised by the surrounding diamonds and the rose gold band.

bespoke jewellery emerald engagement ring

Ruby Red

For non-traditional brides-to-be, how about a dash of fire on her ring finger. Take for example the ruby red engagement ring below. Rubies have had a long history of courage, passion, love and protection, reverberating a timeless appeal.

bespoke jewellery ruby red engagement ring

Wrapping up

The blazing radiance of these gemstones never fails to create a lasting impression, be it for an engagement ring or for a bespoke jewellery. A coloured gemstone is highly ideal for modern brides-to-be.