Choosing The Perfect Anniversary Ring

White gold anniversary rings, yellow gold diamond anniversary rings, platinum anniversary rings: the options are varied. When purchasing a diamond anniversary ring to honour a very special wedding anniversary, some may ask where to begin. So here’s a quick guide to help you along the way.

Diamond rings are a pretty popular gift to honour special wedding anniversaries and other milestones for mated couples. Elegant rings especially designed for this particular purpose come in a wide range of styles; from a classical white gold rings to contemporary platinum diamond rings. Probably one of the most seen design in the market is known as the ‘eternity ring’ with small diamond stones running over the face or around the entire ring, symbolizing a never ending cycle of love and commitment.


Although the 60th wedding anniversary is known to be the Diamond Wedding Anniversary, purchasing diamond rings should not be restricted to this celebration of marriage alone. A lot of people who reach five, ten and even twenty years of their marriage opt for a diamond anniversary ring as well.

A three-stone Trinity diamond ring normally has one larger diamond set between two smaller diamond stones. However, a five-stone diamond anniversary rings usually consist of five diamonds of a similar colour and size going around the whole ring to represent eternal love. Diamond anniversary rings and eternity rings are very much alike in this regard.

As diamond anniversary rings are commonly worn together with the engagement ring and original wedding band, most couples opt for a ring that complements and matches the existing design of both jewellery. The common order in which these wedding sets are being worn is with the wedding band at the bottom of the finger, the engagement ring in the middle, and the anniversary or eternity ring above them all.

Though you can always change it up and make it your own style. After all, it’s yours to wear. Whatever your preference may be, it is worth considering the number of rings you or your partner plans to wear at just about any certain time. A big part of this will depend on whether you have an active lifestyle, or if you want to consider wearing the anniversary ring on your other hand or on a different finger.

Some couples even opt to upgrade or replace their original engagement ring or wedding ring with a newer version of a diamond anniversary ring, in order to preserve their original engagement or wedding band as a family heirloom. Or sometimes it’s to keep them safe from damage or wear over time.

Likewise, it is worth making the most of cleaning services for your diamond jewellery to keep your treasured diamond ring in high-quality condition. Setting an appointment with your preferred jeweller from time to time can also be beneficiary, as they will be able to check whether the setting of your diamond jewellery is still intact and secure. A well-timed check-up and cleaning session for your diamond rings can prevent the loss of precious stone on a considerably valued piece of jewellery.