How do I choose the right engagement ring?

Deciding on which engagement ring style to choose to propose with is can be a minefield. Walking into a shop with so many options can be a daunting prospect. So doing some research is a good way to start. It will help you make the right choice if you learn just a few of the basics regarding diamonds, precious metals and stones.
Here is a checklist of some of the areas I would recommend brushing up on before even approaching a jeweller or shop:


The 4 C’s

Diamond Shapes


Setting Styles


Once you feel comfortable with the above, then you can start to think about the style, whether it is traditional, vintage, unique or art deco inspired.

One way to help you choose is to think about what your partner currently wears, their clothes style and what other jewellery do they own. Also, think about their daily lifestyle and the potential wear and tear – if their job is hands-on like a chef, artist, etc.


A great way to get exactly what you want is to go to get a bespoke ring and go directly to the maker. This way you can bring your ideas to the table and make a unique ring – choose the stone, the setting, bring designs you have admired and tweek them to what your partner may like.

A great shout is to ask the jeweller to take photos of the process, so you can show your partner you helped design the ring and how it was made by hand.

What are Salt and Pepper Diamonds?

The modern bride is looking for a new type of engagement ring, different from the classic solitaire diamond ring that has been the favourite for many decades.  Salt and Pepper diamonds have been around for a long time but deemed undesirable.  But today they have become one of the hottest trends to take over engagement rings.

salt and pepper diamonds


Unlike white diamonds, Salt and Pepper diamonds have flaws, imperfections or inclusions.  They come in all different shapes, sizes and colours (typically black and white).   For this reason, they were once looked past but today people are embracing the imperfections and seen as beautiful.  The inclusions look like carbon spots, feather, cracks, clouds or chips.

No two diamonds are the same, they are a non-conformist, non-traditional sister to the traditional diamond.  Everything you may know about diamonds can be put to one side, Salt and Pepper diamonds are not graded and do not abide by the 4 Cs (Cut, Clarity, Colour and Carat weight).