CanadaMark Certified Canadian Diamonds

CanadaMark diamonds carry a promise of purity, responsibility and authenticity.  They are among the most responsibly sourced diamonds in the world, mined and processed in ways that benefit local communities and maintain a high standard of environmental stewardship.


If you would like me to source CanadaMark diamonds for your engagement ring or piece of jewellery then please mention this in our initial conversation and I will have a selection ready for your consultation.  Each diamond has a the CanadaMark to give you confidence in its origin and history.

All CanadaMark certified diamonds are:

Responsibly mined in Canada’s Northwest Territories, with respect for the sustainability of the natural environment and northern people

Tracked through independent, audited processes at every stage from the mine of origin to the polished stone

Natural and untreated

Polished to meet specific quality standards