Popular Diamond Ring Designs For The Summer Season

Summer is coming fast, and with the events slowly filling up your schedule, you definitely want to be ready to conquer them all. So pack up your winter gloves because it’s time to showcase some stunning diamond pieces! We’ve assembled some of the latest ring trends for the summer season. The style? Versatile pieces that can perfectly fit for dressing up or down, as well as for the daily job activities and after-work night outs. The key is to simply look fabulous. Browse through these stunning diamond rings that you’ll surely want to get: The Glamorous Wedding Guest You surelyRead More
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Stunning Diamond Earrings For All Occasions

Diamond jewellery will always be a timeless piece, especially if they were custom-made to suit your style. A lot of women today prefer wearing earrings rather than rings, necklaces, or even bracelets as they’re easily noticeable. Aside from the conventional way of purchasing diamond earrings though, you can also go bespoke to make it personal and exceptional-looking. If you’re going to give it to a loved one, they’ll be amazed with the effort you made just to make them feel special. Here are some stunning designs for diamond earrings that will perfectly suit every occasion: For Date Night Feel elegantRead More
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Why Opt For Bespoke Diamond Wedding Rings

Your wedding ring should not be overshadowed by your engagement ring. Just like a successful marriage, a wedding ring supports and adds to the meaning of the wedding set. After all, it is the ring that your partner will slip onto your finger as you stand in front of both your families and friends to finally become man and wife, so make it a great one. Nowadays, there are already a lot of design options for wedding rings. You can even order them online and have them shipped before your special day! Talk about absolute convenience, right? But if youRead More
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The Ultimate Diamond Jewellery Gift Guide

Diamonds are truly the perfect present for just about any major occasions. But even in the most random of days, why not gift your loved one/s with this precious item to show your love and appreciation to them? What better way to achieve that than by getting them a bespoke diamond jewellery that uniquely represents who they are. Though, before purchasing a bespoke design, you may want to consider these important things first: The Style Does she usually wear fashionable and colourful items or elegant and classic type? Does she have a passion for vintage necklaces and rings? Sometimes, it'sRead More

Go For a Bespoke Diamond Engagement Ring

The engagement ring is traditionally the physical representation of one person’s love and commitment to another, when proposing marriage. It is most commonly known as a symbol of one person’s desire to spend the rest of their life with another individual, sharing long-lasting love, affection, trust, and devotion. After years of soul searching, you now decided that you want to marry your partner. The next big step would then be deciding the perfect ring that would best represent your love and relationship with that person. Of course you’d want to give the very best, right? To fully achieve a uniqueRead More
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The Perfect Gift For Any Occasion: Diamond Stud Earrings

Whether you are purchasing diamond stud earrings as a special gift for a loved one, as an investment piece, or to simply treat yourself; you’ll surely get a better deal if you take some time to do research before actually buying the jewellery. The Four Cs So, after researching some tips and advice, you should already be aware about the Four Cs of diamonds. Namely: Cut, Clarity, Colour, and of course the Carat Weight. All of these factors are extremely important in determining the value of diamonds. But you may have been curious about which of these actually matters most,Read More

White Gold Rings: How Pure Are They?

Yellow gold is the conventional or standard metal of choice for both engagement rings and wedding bands, but white gold is surely gaining popularity. The colour of white gold is actually rather similar to the colour of platinum, yet it is a more low-cost and affordable option. Platinum is more rare, which also means it is more costly than white gold. For those people who loves gold but wants something lighter in colour, white gold is an ideal option. Even so, a lot of people are concerned that their white gold rings will not have the same value compared toRead More

The Beauty Of Dazzling Diamond Pendants

Wearing a beautiful diamond pendant is sometimes more dramatic compared to wearing a diamond ring, and probably the most noticeable way of displaying your precious gemstones. Although a single or solitaire diamond could really be more costly compared to the sum of carats made up in smaller diamonds, but nothing can compare to the beauty of a stunning diamond pendant casually sitting on a lovely neck. A diamond pendant is an excellent approach to celebrate any type of anniversary and just about any occasion, but you know what's even better? A bespoke diamond pendant design. As with all types ofRead More

Choosing The Perfect Diamond Wedding Ring Design

After the nerve-racking proposal and hearing a marvellous “Yes” from your partner, it’s now time to move on to the next level of your relationship: planning the wedding. If you think you’re done researching for ring designs and fitting, well, you’re in for a surprise. Choosing a wedding band for you and your partner can also be as stressful as finding her the perfect engagement ring. At least now, you get to partner up with your future wife. While the most common method of purchasing matching bands for you and your partner is certainly there, it’s also rather common forRead More

Determining The Right Diamond Carat Size To Buy

Before anything else, you first have to determine your budget. Your main concern should be about what you and your partner are comfortable to spend. You may wish to look into an inexpensive finance alternative, allowing you to easily disperse the cost of your ring over a set period of time to somehow ease the financial load. This method may also help you to upgrade your ring in terms of what you would like to purchase, matched with what you can actually afford when paying in installment. Determining on a certain carat size is basically about hitting the balance betweenRead More