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The perfect Father’s Day gift – 17th July, 2018

Father's Day is a time for honouring our Dads, celebrating the joys (and challenges) of fatherhood and the wonderful paternal bond.   The day first originated in 1910, when Sonora Smart Dodd wanted to honour her father, William Jackson Smart, a Civil War Veteran who raised six children after his wife died during childbirth.  Since then Father's Day has spread to many countries and now see's 72 million cards sent every year! This year Father's Day lands on Sunday 17th July and with under a week to go, it is time to get those last minute gifts.  Most Dad's have everything and we areRead More
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Why Your White Designer Jewellery Needs Rhodium Plating

Should the shine of your one true love—your designer jewellery—fade away? Of course not! If you have white metal jewellery, like a white gold ring, and you want to keep its distinct and exuberant sheen and beauty, chances are you’ve heard of rhodium plating, or sometimes dubbed as rhodium dipping or flashing. But what exactly is this and why your jewellery needs this? Don’t worry! You’re not the only one who has had to ask a lot of questions regarding rhodium plating and whether it is right for your jewellery. Let’s get elementary Belonging to the platinum family, rhodium isRead More
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The Honest Truth about Birthstone Engagement Rings

Choosing an engagement ring for your future bride-to-be could be challenging. Not only do you want it to be an heirloom that she will forever treasure, but also you want the design to reflect her personality. So why not opt for a birthstone engagement ring that she will truly connect with? Non-diamond bespoke jewellery pieces are increasingly gaining popularity. In fact, a growing number of soon-to-be grooms have opted for these birthstone engagement rings. This allows them to introduce colour. Take for example the classic September blue sapphire or the dreamily March azure aquamarine. But before getting all excited, read onRead More
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Colourful Engagement Ring Gemstones That Will Make You Forget Diamond

We all love the classic sparkle of a clear diamond engagement ring, especially if it’s set on a bespoke jewellery. However, diamonds are not the only option available in the market. There’s a growing demand for coloured gemstones, especially for modern brides-to-be. Thanks to A-listers such as Reese Witherspoon, Halle Berry, Blake Lively and even Kate Middleton, coloured gemstones are making their moment, casting aside the bright clear diamonds that we all know and love. By choosing coloured gemstones, you’re saving a few bucks and also your bride-to-be will highly appreciate a truly unique engagement ring. Whether you’re planning toRead More