Bespoke Jewellery Service

I have been specialising in bespoke handmade jewellery for 20 years and offer superior handmade craftsmanship.    My Father taught me the traditional techniques of jewellery making which I am proud to continue and use the traditional tools that he been passed down to me.    I do not use computer generated wax models, computer-aided design or off-the-shelf mountings.   You can be confident that you will have a truly bespoke and unique piece of jewellery.

By working directly with you and taking out the middleman, I ensure you will get the result you want.  We can work closely together on the design and visit my workshop where the piece of jewellery is made.  You also won’t be paying extra for the expensive overheads of a staffed boutique and brands, which means you will get more for your budget.  I can spend time as much time as you need to explain all you need to know about jewellery in order to make an informed decision you are happy with and suits your budget.

I include a comprehensive guarantee, free resizing and full repair and restoration service.


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