If you’re thinking that you should only purchase a diamond jewellery for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, marriage proposals, or even a wedding—then it’s time to think again.

Intricate diamond jewels; be it a necklace, bracelet, pendant, or a ring, should not be restricted for specific occasions only. Diamond jewellery has an incredible selection of designs, so you’ll surely find one that suits your special someone.

If you’re not yet ready to purchase an expensive and extravagant diamond ring for your significant other, and would rather invest in something more unique and contemporary, then you are absolutely in luck. Nowadays, you can find a lot of diamond jewellery designs in every shape, size, colour, and cut. You can even design one your own! Pretty exciting, right?

custom diamond engagement rings

Also, one great thing about diamond rings is that they are no longer exclusively associated with engagement or wedding rings. Their symbolism and value have managed to captivate the minds of consumers like never before, making them an ideal gift for almost any significant occasions or even just for a random-day present.

With that being said, it is always a good idea to keep diamond jewellery as a much-preferred option if you wish to gift a loved one (or even yourself) something special. Additionally, there is absolutely no reason why you should eliminate diamond rings from your wish list when looking for unique pieces of fine jewellery. Diamonds fall into the category of exquisite gemstones and has an endless appeal that is quite hard to imitate through birthstones or other gems.

The trends in the world of jewellery design are constantly evolving, that is why artists and designers are coming up with the most extraordinary ideas and reaching great lengths just to keep up with the race. A lot of them are now thinking of out-of-the-box ideas to conceive new ways of incorporating diamonds of all shapes and sizes in their works. Consumers are also choosing to invest in quality diamonds rings that complement the look of their engagement ring or wedding band.

Plus, the growing concept of styles in diamond ring designs—be it three diamond rings, eternity rings, promise rings, cocktail rings, and a lot more, are enticing buyers to opt for online jewellery stores like never before!

bespoke diamond necklace

Make A Statement
Before, most diamond rings were crafted in the most conventional of ways by jewellery makers. They were customarily mounted as solitaires to create stunning engagement rings or set to emphasize the beauty of other gemstones. However, with the advancing technology in jewellery design, and with more and more designers opting for more innovative and enhanced design solutions in lieu of the old, both small and large sized diamonds are now being utilised in a variety of ways.

There are lots of design options to choose from if you’re looking for unique diamond rings sets. Also, you need not compromise on your choice of metal; you have silver, gold, platinum, and countless other varieties to choose from. For instance, you might want to go for rose gold instead of the usual yellow gold to add more depth and character to your jewellery collection.

You may also design your own diamond piece by investing in loose diamond stones and finding a highly skilled custom jeweller to make your design a reality. By opting for a bespoke jewellery, you can design your own necklace, pendant, ring or bracelet. You can even pick the colour, cut, clarity, as well as the carat weight of the diamond stones.

You may choose to stick with the classic white diamond or you can also explore the other colour options. Better yet, why not try combining coloured diamonds with the white ones to achieve a unique-looking jewellery piece!

bespoke engagement ring design

These days, a lot of companies and top jewellery designers are crafting style settings in modern looks as well as heirloom-style to cater different kinds of people. If you look around carefully, you will come across diverse designs that draw inspiration from Georgian, Victorian, and Edwardian times. There are also stylish designs that are inspired by Art Nouveau and Art Deco ideas.

Bespoke diamond jewellery is unique in every conceivable way, that is why the number of people opting to get a custom jewellery design is continually growing. Even the modern generation is more inclined in design pieces that are elegant and one-of-a-kind.

One misconception about bespoke jewellery is that it’s highly expensive, but the truth is, the price of it actually lies in your hands. After all, you get to pick the gemstones, the metal, as well as the overall design of the jewellery piece. If you (or your significant other) want to have a large diamond ring, simply choose a diamond with a bigger cut and shape but with a lesser carat weight. Emerald cut and oval cut are just some of the options you can pick if you want the diamond ring to look bigger.

simple diamond bracelet

If you’re not too keen on investing in a diamond ring, you may also venture into other pieces of fine jewellery. Simple diamond bracelets are now more affordable and they can instantly liven up your everyday look. Your design options include diamond studs, tennis bracelets, or diamond cuffs with paving or solid openwork.


stunning pair of diamond earringsIf you’re not a fan of bracelets, you can also opt for a pair of stunning diamond earrings. Just be sure to choose a design that fits the shape of your face in order to emphasise your natural beauty.

Modern designs for diamond rings are also expanding the choices of consumers around the world. How about investing in an exquisitely crafted three-stone diamond ring with clusters of smaller diamonds around the edges? Or celebrate your anniversary by giving your special someone with a 22-inch diamond necklace?

Place It On The Other Hand
You don’t always have to wear a diamond ring next to your engagement ring or wedding band. These days, a lot of people are investing in fashion diamond rings to be worn on the right hand. Such ring designs are quite different from the traditional ones and have an entirely distinct style than your average diamond rings.

Moreover, unique kinds of engagement rings are also on-trend these days. These ring designs are not too modern-looking, yet they have their own distinguished allure which makes them appealing. For instance, vintage style rings are becoming in-demand nowadays and are also complementing other jewellery designs.

unique diamond ring

These vintage ring designs go well with other contemporary jewellery, that’s why more and more millennial couples are opting for this kind of design pieces. They have intricate details, unique settings, and stunning gemstones that are quite magical to behold.

Lastly, if you want to give your special someone with a unique diamond piece, then why not go the extra mile and opt for a bespoke jewellery design. But make sure to consider his/her lifestyle, colour choices, wardrobe style, and personality so that it would match the design of the diamond jewellery.

Even though the designs of diamond jewellery are continually evolving—none of them will go out of style. Their popularity may come and go, but diamonds are forever. Go ahead and grow your diamond collection by opting for more stylish designs that you can easily wear every day. You will certainly gain lots of recognition from peers and hear lots of ‘wows’ coming your way!