Sapphires are one of the most beautiful and sought-after gemstones on earth. They have been adorned by royals and admired for centuries. But the question is, where can one find the highest quality Sapphire stone that’s within your budget reach? The answer is the internet.

Nowadays, gemstone cutters, miners and dealers can directly connect with their customers from all around the world, which have drastically decreased the definitive price of a fine Sapphire. You may have seen expensive and fancy Sapphire jewellery in your local jewellery store that retails for around $10,000 per carat or more. But what if I told you that you could purchase the same stone quality for a fraction of the price? Read on to learn more facts about Sapphire jewellery.

Comparing Sapphire Stones
It is important to learn the characteristics and features of Sapphire stones before purchasing any jewellery that features this gemstone. This will allow you to compare jewellery store prices from online, and you’ll realize that a lot of online stores offer the highest quality Sapphires that are within your budget range.

Purchasing a fine piece of Sapphire jewellery can be very challenging at times since there’s so much information out there on how to choose the perfect stone. Below is a quick guide to help you determine the things you need to look out for when purchasing sapphire jewellery.

Just like Diamond stones, Sapphire also follows the rule of four C’s—although there are some additional factors to remember aside from those four. Here are the things you need to consider:

– Cut
– Colour
– Clarity
– Carat Weight
– Origin or Location
– Sapphire Treatment

The Cut
The cut of the Sapphire will be the most visible characteristic of the stone. The cut can also affect the brilliance, the depth of colour, as well as the apparent size of the stone. So what are the things you need to look for?

2loopsided sapphire stoneSymmetry: This is necessary for the overall look and quality of the stone. A gemstone that’s meant to be round but is uneven in some areas just doesn’t look pleasing to the eye. Oval stones should be seamlessly oval and not lopsided.



1fisheye sapphireFisheye or Window: This is when the gemstone has been cut too shallow and the light is escaping the gemstone rather than being reflected back to the eyes.



3offset culet sapphireOffset Culet: The culet is the pointy part at the bottom of the stone. If it is not correctly positioned in the middle, then it can form a window depending on how it is viewed.




The Colour
Most people will recognize Sapphire as the beautiful blue gemstone. However, did you know that Sapphire stones actually have various colours aside from the traditional blue? Yellow, green, purple, orange, pink and even a combination of different colours. But to make things simpler, we will be tackling about blue Sapphires.

The most important thing you need to remember when buying a coloured stone is that the colour is the most valuable aspect of a gem.

Tone: This refers to the lightness or darkness of the colour of the gemstone. Stones that are too light will not show off the colour of the stone, whereas stones that are too dark will not have brilliance. The ideal tone would be Medium to Medium Dark.

5saturation of sapphire stones

Saturation: This applies to the amount of colour present in the gemstone. Saturation is the most critical aspect of colour grading since it has the most direct effect on the definitive price for the stone. Too little saturation makes the gem look greyish, while too much saturation makes the stone seem dark. The ideal saturation should be Moderate to Strong.

6color of sapphire stones

Hue: Usually, Sapphires are defined by their primary and secondary hue. Best quality Sapphires should only have a primary hue of Blue. However, it is common to find Sapphire stones with more than one hue.

royal blue and cornblue sapphire

How Colour Influences The Price of The Stone
Globally, the best-known colour for blue Sapphire is called “Royal blue”. It is a medium to dark tone blue with loads of saturation. This produces a stunning deep, vivid blue Sapphire that is highly admired by people. However, the popularity of Sapphire colours can hugely depend on where you are located. For instance, in Australia, the most beloved Sapphire colour is the “cornflower blue” which is a striking blue Sapphire with a medium tone. This kind of Sapphire stone is not as deep as the Royal blue kind, but it is still very beautiful.

Moreover, there are two special coloured Sapphire stones that deserve to be mentioned:

7pink sapphirePink Sapphire Stones
This Sapphire stone is one of the most alluring and popular types pink gemstones. Though Pink Diamonds are now the leading choice for pink stones, nothing can contend with the strong, vivid pink that Sapphire stones have to offer.

8Padparadscha Sapphire

Padparadscha Sapphire Stones
This is fancy pink-orange sapphire stone is considered to be one of the rarest kinds of Sapphire, but its price value can be quite expensive because of its rarity.



The Clarity
Sapphire stones are classed as a Type I gemstone. This basically means that most fine grade and commercial Sapphires should be free from any imperfections or inclusions that are visible to the eyes. It is commonly accepted to have some inclusions that are only visible under a magnifying loupe.

clarity of sapphire stones

The price of a Sapphire will greatly vary with the number of visible inclusions. Aside from that, the position of the inclusions is also very essential. The price value of the sapphire stone will greatly decrease if you can see any dents or blemishes right in the middle of the gemstone. However, if the inclusions are only located on the edge of the stone, the custom jeweller might be able to hide it under one of the prongs that hold the stone together. In which case, the inclusions would not diminish the value of the Sapphire stone.

carat weight of sapphire stones

The Carat Weight
This is the final factor in the four C’s of Sapphire stones that can influence its cost. Large Sapphire stones are very limited which makes them highly valuable and expensive. Sapphire stones that are over 5 carats are rare, while sapphire stones that are above 15 carats are extremely rare. Imagine two different stones that are the same in terms of clarity, colour, cut, and treatment, but one is 5cts while the other is only 1ct. The per carat price of the 5 carat stone will be much higher than the 1-carat sapphire stone simply because of the rarity.

Treatment of Sapphire Stones
This refers to anything that has been done to the Sapphire stone aside from the normal cutting. The known treatments for Sapphire are:

– Untreated
– Surface Diffusion
– Beryllium Treatment
– Fissure Filling With Glass
– Heated (This is the conventional heat treatment)

In terms of price, the treatment of a sapphire stone will considerably influence its price. In other words, the rarest and most expensive Sapphires are the untreated ones, while most commercial Sapphire stones will be heat treated, and the cheaper stones will be Beryllium treated or surface diffused. The cheapest kind of Sapphire stones accessible on the market today is the fissure-filled Sapphires that has been mixed with cobalt glass to enhance the colour and clarity.

origin of sapphire

Origin or Location of the Gemstone
Usually, the origin of the gemstone will not have much significance on its price. The most common locations that Sapphires come from are Australia, China, Sri Lanka, USA, Madagascar, Thailand, Nigeria, Vietnam, Cambodia, Kenya and Tanzania.

The only two locations that will greatly increase the price of the Sapphire stone is if it originated from Kashmir and Burma. Top quality Sapphires from these two locations are deemed to be the best in the world. At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter what type of Sapphire stone you have so long as you’re happy with its colour, as well as its overall look.

Opt For Online Auctions
There is one other way to acquire Sapphire jewellery at a discount price and that is through online auctions. No reserve gemstone online auctions are the ideal place to go if you want to find Sapphire stones that are selling at a cheap price. In most cases, the quality of these Sapphires is similar as you would find in a popular jewellery store.

Handmade Sapphire and diamond bespoke pendant

Creating Bespoke Jewellery
If you’re thinking about acquiring a ready-made piece of sapphire jewellery, that will really cost you a lot of money. Instead, why not consider buying some loose sapphire stones (through auctions) and then have it custom made into your very own design! Investing in some quality bespoke jewellery that you can pass down to the next generation is definitely worth it.